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Featured at YouTube this multi-user accounting application is designed to simplify everyday tasks for different industries, runs on all modern browsers of any operating system in any modern computer or device, delivers flexible and powerful reports and extensive history in many configurations, links to sturdy user data, and does not require installations or application updates by the client.  Written in C#® the ASP.NET web based application retains and enhances most aspects of its Windows® predecessor, including type of business, dynamic menu inclusion, global and user search and report parameter recall and most other company preferences, as well as productivity and esthetics.  It adds compatibility, mobility, a complete Bill of Materials module, additional reports, report incidence searches and dynamic control breaks and drill down, regardless of the user's modern computer or device.  In most search grids the user would dedicate valuable time for the specific filter/sort/paging, advance to the results window, and for the same session eventually return to the same filter, sort, paging and record, thus continuing the current task just where it was left off, which is a hard to find all inclusive time saving option.  Given your feedback, our analysis, recommendations, guidance, database improvements and user cooperation the chances for potential growth and expansion are increased, and great satisfaction is achieved.
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